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Perform 5 Steps to Take Care of This Premature Baby

Premature babies or born before 37 weeks of pregnancy require special care. The steps of premature baby care are aimed at keeping the baby alive, and ensuring that his health condition is maintained. Caring for premature babies requires more effort and attention, compared to babies born at term. This is because important organs, such as the lungs, digestive tract, and skin, and their endurance are not functioning optimally. Basically, premature babies are not ready to be outside the mother's womb. Premature babies need special care at the hospital before being allowed to be treated at home. Premature babies are usually allowed out of the hospital if they can drink breast milk or formula directly, their weight rises, and their body temperature remains stable at room temperature. Things to consider from premature babies The nutritional needs of premature babies is one thing that must be considered. Premature babies usually need more nutrients to grow healthy like other babies.
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6 Signs You're Ready to Have Children

For married couples, getting a baby is something to look forward to. However, having children requires readiness, not only in material but also psychological terms. What are the signs that someone is ready to have children? Let's look at the following article. Once your little one is born into the world, you are also born a parent. Being a parent means being prepared with all the responsibilities in caring for and educating children. You must be able to set aside the ego because there is little that depends entirely on you. Signs You Are Ready to Have Children There are several signs that indicate that someone is ready mentally and emotionally to become parents, namely: 1. Happy with young children When you see a baby or small child, you spontaneously approach and want to invite him to play. Wow, this might be one of the signs that you already want and are ready to have a baby. 2. Ready your time is divided When you are a mother, you may not be able to be free to do the t

Don't Make Any Choice, This is the Right Fever Medication for Pregnant Women

Fever medicines for pregnant women are easily available at pharmacies. However, you still have to be careful using it. The reason is, during pregnancy, everything you consume will have an impact on the condition of the baby in the womb. Generally, pregnant women have a weaker immune system compared to women who do not conceive. This condition is normal so that the body of the pregnant woman does not reject the presence of the fetus in the womb. However, as a result, viral and bacterial infections will be easier to attack the body of pregnant women. This infection usually causes fever during pregnancy. Fever Medication for Pregnant Women to Take Normal body temperature is in the range of 37 degrees Celsius. A person is said to have a fever if his body temperature exceeds 38 degrees Celsius. There are several things that can cause fever. To be sure, you are advised to consult a doctor. There are some fever-reducing drugs that pregnant women may take, but they must be with the advi